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World Law Alliance is an Integrated global law practice and service delivery platform, serving excellence through the collaborative innovation of members around the world. As part of the world’s largest Law Alliance, with the global networking and experience excellence through the collaborative innovation around the world. WLA member firms from 70+ jurisdictions are always ready with support and resources to help businesses navigate the complex regulatory landscape around the world, Murzal & Partners (“MNP”) can provide global expertise

As global mobility service providers and consultants ourselves since 2007, Xpath.Global has encountered all the possible issues and pitfalls one could possibly meet in this role, allowing us to take action and address each and every one of them with a top-notch suite of tech tools. Xpath.Global started the tech developments on our ecosystem in 2018 and we launched our prototype in May 2019 during the European Relocation Association conference in Munich, followed by a launch of its Beta version in October the same year, during the Worldwide ERC conference in Boston, US. Murzal & Partners, as a member of Xpath, with Xpath, we understood that the Global Mobility sector was changing and there was a growing demand for finding more agile solutions to the industry’s needs

Asia Law Network has the largest network of lawyers in Singapore – with more than 30% of Singapore lawyers, and an extended network that includes lawyers from other parts of Asia Pacific and the world.

For more than 5 years, the IIA story has always been about innovation, networking, education and research. In 2016 we began the journey of bringing the industry together for the betterment of the community, to enhance the confidence of the consumer and to lead the industry into the future. In 2021 We now include the mission of getting the world moving again. Murzal & Partners, as a active member, we can ensure the Immigration Legal service in Global.

The Global Migration ecosystem is fragmented -Relocate has engineered a platform that brings it together. We strive to provide a safe ecosystem for global migration through the community-based approach.

The Forum for Expatriate Management’s (FEM) mission is to distil best practice across regions, industries and functions while providing valuable networking opportunities for knowledge sharing and program support. Through our multi-platform of content and events we are able to encourage dialogue and enable mobility professionals to unite, learn and grow.

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The purpose of this organization is to increase the professionalism of Corporate Secretary in Indonesia and to support the efforts of developing good corporate governance, through the development of knowledge and skills, information exchange and communication forum between the Corporate Secretaries, regulators and other stakeholders. ICSA positions itself as a strategic partner of OJK, IDX, KSEI, KPEI and other professional associations in the capital markets to promote good corporate governance in Indonesia. By affiliating with this organization, MNP secures itself as a recognized contributor in corporate secretarial business in the Republic of Indonesia.

The foremost organization for international legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies. Established in 1947, shortly after the creation of the United Nations, the IBA was born out of the conviction that an organisation made up of the world’s bar associations could contribute to global stability and peace through the administration of justice. In the ensuing 75 years since its creation, the organisation has evolved, from an association comprised exclusively of bar associations and law societies, to one that incorporates individual international lawyers and entire law firms. The present membership is comprised of more than 80,000 individual international lawyers from most of the world’s leading law firms and some 190 bar associations and law societies spanning more than 170 countries.

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The Indonesia Labor Law Consultant Association is an organization whose members are legal practitioners and academics who focus on employment in Indonesia. We have a variety of activities and activities to support the creation of a healthy, harmonious and competitive Indonesian employment system to increase Indonesia’s economic growth. By affiliating with this organization, MNP assures itself as an acknowledged and distinguished professional in labor law matters.

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The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry or KADIN is an association of business organisations in Indonesia. Members of this organisation consist of entrepreneurs or a combination of national businesses from various sectors, both private-owned enterprises, cooperatives and government-owned enterprises. By affiliating with this organization, MNP maintains a strong relationship with all business organizations in Indonesia.

An organization of digital nomads and remote workers, just like you, spread all across the world. We have a passion for remote work and its power to free you from the constraints typically associated with a steady job. In order to build a borderless world. Remote work has changed the way many people see their work lives, but we believe it has the power to change your whole life. With more opportunities than ever for remote workers, from digital nomad visas to relocation programs, Citizen Remote is here to help you realize all that’s possible in the remote future. By affiliating with this organization, MNP ensures itself as a friend to all digital nomads and remote workers from all corners of the world.

Mr. Murzal is a seasoned immigration lawyer with 5+ years of experience in immigration related matters. Mr. Murzal possesses strong relationship with the regulatory authorities having jurisdiction over the immigration related matters in Indonesia, and this has shaped MNP to be able to provide legal assistance as per local knowledge and experience. When needed, Mr. Murzal works with global immigration law firms within the magic circle.

Mr. Jufrian Murzal is a partner in the immigration practice in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. He focuses on corporate legal, litigation and immigration matters export/import, foreigner employment, investment, and corruption.

Mr. Jufrian Murzal has assisted several due diligences for immigration projects, national project for foreigner and in dealing with the government authorities including the Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Law and Human Rights sub Directorate General Immigration of Indonesia.

He also prepares various options for the global company worldwide to face or invite their employee or doing their business in Indonesia.

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