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Indonesian doors close. ITAS closes

As of 21 July 2021, based on Regulation No. 21 of 2021 on Restrictions on Foreigners From Entering Indonesia Territory During the Enforcement Period of an Emergency Public Activity Restrictions (Emergency PPKM).

The Indonesian Government has updated the new travel restriction for all foreign nationals who are prohibited from entering Indonesia during the Emergency PPKM, which means that the Indonesian Government Closes All Borders.

However, during the Indonesian Government closes all borders, this policy does not apply for:
1. Diplomatic and Official Visa Holders;
2. Diplomatic and Official Residence Permit Holders;
3. Temporary Stay Permit (ITAS) and Permanent Stay Permit (ITAP) Holders;
4. Those with medical purposes and humanitarian reasons approved by an official letter or recommendation letter from related authorities in handling covid-19 outbreak; and
5. Active Crew Member who arrive by their transports.

However, the above holders must still follow the health protocols with referring to the Circular Letter Number 8 of 2021 On International Travel Health Protocol in the Mids of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) Pandemic.

Please be advised that there is no statement about how long this new policy will be applied. There is a possibility that this new policy will still be in place during the Emergency PPKM period in Indonesia


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