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Specialized in providing legal services
in immigration, alternative dispute resolutions,
and general corporate & commercial..

Murzal & Partner Law Firm (MNP) is a leading Indonesian law firm specializing in immigration, dispute resolution, and corporate law.

Our story.

Murzal & Partner Law Firm (MNP) is an experienced, knowledgeable, and professional Indonesian law firm specialized in providing legal services in immigration, alternative dispute resolutions, and general corporate & commercial. MNP is comprised of dynamic and innovative lawyers who are industry savvy.

As Indonesia continues to advance progressively, law related issues become an inevitable challenge which require lawyers to be conversant and agile in dealing with existing government regulations and policies.

Supported by our experienced, dedicated, and well-rounded lawyers, we are focusing our main practices in legal, to be specified in corporate, commercial, litigation matters, and immigration affairs.

Our focus is to equip you with comprehensive understanding toward Indonesia’s incredibly unique immigration as well as its business and legal culture.

In providing its services, MNP comprises to provide sterling legal service and is committed to protecting our client confidentiality, hence, we have obtained ISO 27001 : 2013 Certificate, which warrant that MNP’s information security management system adheres to international standards.

Managing Partner.

Mr. Murzal is a seasoned immigration lawyer with 5+ years of experience in immigration related matters. Mr. Murzal possesses strong relationship with the regulatory authorities having jurisdiction over the immigration related matters in Indonesia, and this has shaped MNP to be able to provide legal assistance as per local knowledge and experience. When needed, Mr. Murzal works with global immigration law firms within the magic circle.

Mr. Jufrian Murzal
Managing partner
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Our achievement.

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