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10 January 2024


Client Update: Immigration



In the ever-evolving international travel landscape, governments around the world are recognizing the need for efficient and streamlined visa application processes. Indonesia, that has shown great appreciation and interest for foreign investors, has recently taken a significant leap forward in improving its visa application system. This transformative update aims to simplify the entry process for visitors while aligning with global standards for safety and ease of travel.


Effective on Tuesday, 9th of January 2024, VISA applications will no longer be via but will move to


The New eVISA Application

With the new implementation of the Visa application system, there is bound to be differences and improvements, these are some of the things that we can find in the new system:

  1. Apply

With the new system, all visa submission for Indonesia visa must be submitted through the new immigration system, which can be accessed at

  1. Payment

The new system allows payment to be made using a credit card method.

  1. Verification

The authorities will conduct a background check on the foreigner, including criminal status, travel records, previous visas from Indonesia and other aspects if needed.

  1. Visa Issued

The approved visa will be sent to the registered email.

Based on the prevailing regulations regarding immigration, the person/entity that is eligible to apply for an eVISA are the subject of law based on the Indonesian law (the holder of the rights and obligations under the law which can be either individuals (persons) or legal entities, such as companies, organizations, or institutions). Below is the detailed explanation:

  1. Individuals

Individuals that by law can be the exercise of (may have) rights and obligations.

  1. Companies or Organizations

A legal entity constitutes a capital alliance, established based on an agreement, in order to conduct business activities with the Company’s Authorized Capital divided into shares and which satisfies the requirements as stipulated in this Law, and its implementating regulations.

  1. Government Institutions

Government ministries, departments, companies, agencies, authorities, training institutions, research institutions and local government authorities.


Payment With a Credit Card

As mentioned above, one of the main differences between the old system and the new system, is the fact that payment is now possible using a credit card. Foreigners can apply for a Visit on Arrival visa without having an account in the visa application, this type of visa can be applied simultaneously with a maximum of 5 people. This visa can also be paid directly from abroad using the credit card.


However, please note that not all credit cards are accepted, the only credit card types that are accepted are those that have the Visa, Master Card & JCB logo. After the application is sent/submitted the applicant will be directed to the credit card payment Page. Be warned that visa payment options using the credit card method are given an active period of 3 hours, if this period passes, the application will be rejected with the reason that the payment code has expired and please reapply.


Things to Give Attention to When Applying for a Visa

Before making a payment transaction, please read the information regarding the suitability of the foreigner’s data, the purpose and type of visa applied for, and the amount of the visa payment bill. This is very important as visa fees paid are non-refundable. Even if the payment is successful, the application may still be rejected by the authorities during the verification process.


Successful Applications

If the applicant has done everything as per the instructions and the application process goes on smoothly, then the visa will be issued. The visa is issued and can be downloaded through the application a few moments after the decision is given. The visa can be used to travel to Indonesia within 90 days from the date of issuance. If the visa is not used within more than 90 days, it cannot be utilized.

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