Murzal & Partners

Managing Partner

Mr. Jufrian Murzal

Managing Partner

Mr. Murzal is a seasoned immigration lawyer with 5+ years of experience in immigration related matters. Mr. Murzal possesses strong relationship with the regulatory authorities having jurisdiction over the immigration related matters in Indonesia, and this has shaped MNP to be able to provide legal assistance as per local knowledge and experience. When needed, Mr. Murzal works with global immigration law firms within the magic circle.

Mr. Jufrian Murzal is a partner in the immigration practice in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. He focuses on corporate legal, litigation and immigration matters export/import, foreigner employment, investment, and corruption.

Mr. Jufrian Murzal has assisted several due diligences for immigration projects, national project for foreigner and in dealing with the government authorities including the Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Law and Human Rights sub Directorate General Immigration of Indonesia.

He also prepares various options for the global company worldwide to face or invite their employee or doing their business in Indonesia.